Freeride. The silence of nature, the sound of emotions

Interpreting mountain with freedom

Freeride is a synonym of freedom, for all experienced skiers who love thrills and adventure. In Pila, you can safely make the piste “Platta de Grevon” at 2700m. No noise, the silence of the mountain, broken only by the rustle of the skis or the snowboard on the fresh and powdery coat. An exciting sport that goes beyond the concept of off-piste and draws attention to the freedom to ski off the schemes and tracks.



“Where the snow is soft, in the silence of the mountain, the downhill and off-trail tracks in the woods are incredible. Because freeride is a synonym of freedom, discovery and adventure. »
Specially dedicated to freeriders, the track is served by a conveyor belt protected by a modern cover in plexiglass that starts from the Couis 1 station and allows you to descend from the Platta de Grevon at 2700m altitude up to the Plan de L’Eyve. The new black run will be left in natural conditions in the days following the snowfall and after will be groomed and used by a wider clientele.

Fun and safety

Skiing with pointed tips and tails, wider to not sink into the soft snow, ARTVA and emergency kits in the backpack in case of avalanche, lightweight and breathable clothing, weather information, video camera to be fixed on the helmet, are useful equipment indispensable for freeriders. And to discover special tracks in Pila ski instructors are a really valuable help.