Pila Adventure Park

All those budding Indiana Jones’s are welcome to try out the brand new Adventure Park. We have set up this initiative in order to offer some open air entertainment for our enthusiastic public.

It will be great fun getting used to the ropes, harnesses and clips and everything else that you need for flying from one tree to another, always in complete safety. It is an opportunity to challenge yourself and test out your personal limits, exercising your creative and perceptive abilities.

In the Adventure Park the adrenalin runs and the imagination goes wild as you cross the Tibetan bridges, trunk walkways, aerial runways and net bridges or climb or slide through the larch trees of Baby Gorraz. Before the start, there is a short briefing in which those taking part learn a few basic rope manoeuvres and safety regulations, after which, in the company of specialist staff, the adventure begins!After the bike stadium and this latest “madness”… it is now official: fun and adventure has set up home at Pila !!!


  • Leverets, simple and suitable also for young children (length: 20 min.)
  • Squirrels,  suitable  for  children (length: 20 min.)
  • Marmots (green signs) for older children (length: 20 min.)
  • Chamois (blue signs) suitable for those with more experience (length: 20 min.)
  • Eagles (red signs) suitable for those who want to experiment some adrenaline (length: 30 min.)
  • Super Eagles (red signs) very difficult route (length: 30 min.)

To access all the trails it will take about 2 hours.



Open every day
from June 22nd to September 8th, 2024
last briefing for entry to the park 16.15


Super Babies:
- minimum age requested 5 y.o.;
- required height: from 130 cm.* to 140 cm.*
€ 10,00
Young children:
- min. age requested: 6 y.o.;
- required height: between 140 and 160 cm.*
€ 12,00
- up to 15 y.o.;
- minimum required height: 160 cm.*
€ 17,00
- more than 15 y.o.
€ 20,00
* the height measurement is taken from the ground up to the wrist, with the arm held up high.