Free climbing

A mountain face is available for climbing at Pila.

The wall consists of a vertical face with foot and hand holds that create routes suitable for all persons of any age who have the enthusiasm and curiosity to try the challenge of a simple and ancient sport like climbing.

Cliff equipped for climbing at Arbolle refuge.

You can reach the cliff following the path to the Arbolle refuge. Starting from the Chamolé lake towards the Arbolle lake, at approximately half road, you must leave your way on the right to follow a path for about 80 meters. It’ll take about 1 hour 1⁄2 from the Chamolé lake or 10 minutes from the Arbolle refuge.

The cliff, with 7 easy and moderately difficult climbing trails, is located at the feet of the eastern side of the Tête Noire, at about 2550 m. on sea level.The facility, high in average 15 m., has devised for climbers of medium level.

The characteristic of the cliff, the surrounding atmosphere and the panorama make this place an attractive goal for those who want to spend a day away of confusion and in a site of wild beauty.

From 27 August 2021 the Via Ferrata leading to Monte Emilius is once again accessible.