Pump Track

Located at the arrival station of the Aosta-Pila gondola, the pumptrack is one of our latest innovations for MTB enthusiasts.

Bumps, compressions and parabolic make up the oval shaped track suitable not only for adults and children, but also as a training ground for bikers who practice downhill, as its use allows you to develop technical skills, control of the bike and of its body.

Inside the pumptrack there is no “pedaling”: the pedals in fact serve only as a support while the speed is managed using the movement of the body and the shift of the center of gravity forward or backward at the compressions as if you were “pumping”. The curves and parabolics also allow you to increase the gait thanks to the right position of the body and the correct use of the bike.

Access to the pumptrack is free of charge and allowed to a maximum of 5 users at a time who must:

  • use the indicated entrance
  • respect the mandatory direction of travel
  • respect the precedence of the bikers who are already inside the track
  • use the exit gate

The alternation of people inside the structure is guaranteed by the physical and aerobic effort required by its use: breaks for rest and recovery are in fact frequent.

All types of mountain bikes are allowed inside the pumptrack as long as the bike is in good condition. The protective helmet and bumpers are mandatory. For all the details you can refer to the rules downloadable from this page and available on site.

If you do not have your own bike (or if you are not sure of the condition of your own) or if you lack the protections, do not worry: you will find everything in the rental near to the pumptrack.


Open from 22 June to 08 September 2024

Pump Track Rental:

1 hour
Pump Track Bike rental + open helmet
€ 10,00
Protection rental
€ 5,00/item
  • Download here the Pump Track rules