Bike Park

In Pila there is no need of snow to savor the thrill of speed: in summer, permanent mountain bike downhill slopes are open.

With this very important realization, Pila follows the example of France and Switzerland, where downhill slopes are present in all the major winter sports resorts.

There are a dozen tracks that make up the Bike stadium and include the free ride Pila Aosta which, with the two tracks that lie ahead of it, form the beautiful route of the “Desarpa Bike”: a total of 15 km and 2.200m in altitude which allow starting at 2,705 m and reaching 15 km below until Aosta.

The tracks dedicated to free-ride are accessible to anyone with a bit of experience in descending and running the MTB, the degrees of difficulty are reported, with the ability to get around the most challenging points. Downhill slopes, on the other hand, require good athletic and technical training