Ticket office regulation

- Skipass Area -

By purchasing a Ticket/Pass it is understood that the buyer is aware of and accepts all the terms set out in these Regulations, which can be viewed at the ticket offices and on this page of the web site, and in particular:

The dates for starting and ending the winter and summer seasons are decided by the Management at its sole discretion depending on the weather, the condition of the ski runs, the amount of snow and the technical maintenance needs of the facilities.
The publication of the start and end dates of each ski season is purely indicative and does not constitute a commitment to open the resort or keep it open.
Part or all of the skiing facilities may be closed down at any time, temporarily or permanently, when this obligatory owing to circumstances (such as weather conditions, amount of snow, safety reasons) or for reasons of force majeure (examples include electricity blackouts, strikes also by the company’s own staff, fires, earthquakes, wars, terrorist attacks, epidemics, pandemics, orders from the authorities and, more generally, for reasons beyond Pila S.p.A.’s control).
In the event of a temporary or permanent closing of the facilities for one of the reasons described in this section, the purchaser will not be entitled to any refund or compensation, unless otherwise provided for by mandatory provisions in law.
Season tickets give the right to use the ski lift facilities only in the period such facilities are actually open, regardless of the expected length of the season. The buyer accepts the risk when purchasing a season ticket that the duration of the ski season may be shorter than expected, this risk being offset by the advantage of being able to use the ski facilities at a flat rate.
In the cases referred to in this section, and also in the event of delays at the facilities, due to any reason, the buyer will not be entitled to any – even partial – refund or compensation.
The prices of the skipasses are set regardless of the number of ski lifts and slopes open during the period of validity of the skipass.
All prices refer to the first month prior to their publication and are normally applicable for the entire season. However, they may be altered at any time when there are significant changes in the cost of living and/or taxes.
All special discounted rates are only applicable on presenting the necessary documentation proving unequivocally that the requisites for receiving them have been met. It is also required that the person entitled to a reduction is present at the time of purchasing. Staff responsible for supervising the facilities or the company’s inspectors may also ask to be shown the same documents.
Passengers must have the required Ticket/Pass before using the facility. This Ticket/Pass must not be altered or counterfeited or used in a different way from what is established by the rules of use set out in these regulations. Except for vouchers with points and non-consecutive multiday passes, the Ticket/Pass is strictly personal and must not be used by anyone other than the holder and cannot be transferred. Any tickets with discrepancies or being used by persons other than the holders will be permanently confiscated, and may also incur fines and charges under the law, with particular reference to the rules set forth in Valle d’Aosta Regional Law 20 of 18.04.2008.
Checking is delegated to the staff of the company which also has personnel qualified to perform the functions of public service managers.
The purchase of a Ticket/Pass only gives the right to use the corresponding facilities, on the routes stated, on the day or days of validity shown and depending on the influx of passengers at the departure points of the lifts.
When a passenger is allowed to travel free of charge, this is understood to be purely as a favour and is therefore provided without taking on any commitment or responsibility.
No type of ticket will be refunded, even partially, in the event the Ticket/Pass is not/cannot be used owing to illness or for actions or situations attributable to the buyer. Likewise, no refunds or replacements will be made for Tickets/Passes lost, damaged or destroyed, unless the tickets are damaged but still identifiable: such tickets must be presented at the ticket desks for replacement. If a season ticket is lost or stolen, the customers must immediately notify the ticket offices. A payment of € 30,00 will be required when issuing a duplicate for administrative expenses.
The customer must check when collecting the skipass that it corresponds to what was requested. Passes already used cannot be subsequently changed or their duration extended.

Facilities don’t apply to vouchers with points and seasonal passes. All bike-passes include transport on the Aosta-Pila cableway.


All tickets, except single tickets, are sold exclusively on chip-cards at the additional cost of € 2.00, non-refundable.
The “Pila Ricaricard” (chip-card) allows you to transit hands-free at all the ski-lifts in the Aosta Valley and to buy online on the web-store of any Aosta Valley ski resort.