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The piste map, or ski track, is an indispensable tool for the skier. Please refer to this page for download it or request it at the ticket offices and information points

Scarica lo skirama

Pila lifts and slopes at a glance

Have you ever been to Pila? Discover the ski area with interactive map: use the list on the right or the symbols on the map to identify slopes and lifts.

Are you a fan of Pila? Look at the detailed opening state of the area: the green and red symbols indicate the state of slopes and lifts.


Aosta Pila

579m - 1805m

Pila Gorraz (Liaison)

1801m - 1877m

Baby Gorraz

1845m - 1857m

Baby Pila 1

1762m - 1775m

Baby Pila 2

1775m - 1784m


1774m - 2310m

La Nouva

1969m - 2272m

Couis 1

2163m - 2705m


1860m - 2356m

Gorraz Gran Grimod

1857m - 2245m


2118m - 2258m

Couis 2

2157m - 2610m


1978m - 2340m

Platta de Grevon

2230m - 2740m

Fun Park Chacard

m - m


Du Bois (Renato Rosa)

Raccordo n. 2-3

Raccordo n. 2-3-4-5


Raccordo n. 3-15

Raccordo n. 3-2

Plan Perdu

La Chatelaine

La Nouva

Raccordo n. 6-27-9-7

Plan de L'Eve

Tsa Creuisa

Couis 1

Raccordo n. 9-12



Du Lac (Luciano Poli)

Raccordo n. 12-9


Pré Noir


Raccordo 15-14

Couis 2


Variante Grimondet

Lo Goil

Variante Lo Goil

Baby Pila


Pista gare basso

Pista gare alto


Plan Praz

Platta de Grevon

Fun Park Chacard

Rientro villaggio

Winter 2017 | 2018 skipass rates

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