Join your skiing days to the discovery of the Aosta Valley

In the evening or day, Aosta on the suburbs of Pila.

Nightlife in Pila is lively and amusing: after-ski begin around 16:00 with music and aperitifs for skiers and all the people who want to start their evening in good time. Also, Aosta welcomes Pila guests with its rich range of shops, bars, restaurants, pubs, wine bars, discoes, cinemas and theatres. Thanks to its strategic location, Pila is a great starting point to discover the best of Aosta Valley. You can reach Aosta by cable car during the day or by car in the evening (only 18 km of well kept road). In Aosta, also called “Rome of the Alps” for its ancient remains, you can admire the Augustus Arch, the Porta Pretoria, the Roman Theatre, its perfectly preserved Roman wall, its valuable Archaeological Museum. During your visit you will also discover its medieval character, spiritual and mysterious, in the architectural complex of Sant’Orso, in the Cathedral or in the little churches around the town.

For the atmosphere of Harry Potter or The Name of the Rose lovers

History and nature by enchantment.

If you love the atmosphere of Harry Potter or The Name of the Rose you cannot miss a visit to our castles, Fénis, Verrés, Sarre, and to the beautiful Forte di Bard, recently restored. Just a few kilometers from Aosta, the beauty of nature can be admired in the natural parks of Mont Avic and Gran Paradiso, the oldest National Park in Italy; you can spend a day at the baths in Pré Saint Didier (, reputed for the relaxing and reinvigorating properties of their water and the charming atmosphere of their location or you can even have a close look at the sky if you book a visit at the very modern astronomical observatory in Saint-Barthélemy (



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