Single trips

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Do not return the Pila Ricaricard, the magnetic support that is available for skiing hands-free on all the Aosta valley ski-lifts and you can buy your ski pass online: in a few click you will be able to easily and safely buy the skipass by skipping the queues at the ticket offices.

Single trips

Tickets "one way" (single) or "round trip" (return) for simple lifts
Aosta_Pila gondola
€ 4,50
€ 7,00
Gorraz Grand Grimod cablecar
€ 8,50
€ 10,50
Chamolé chairlift
€ 8,50
€ 10,50
Liaison chairlift
€ 3,50
€ 4,50
Liaison chairlift + Gorraz Grand Grimod cablecar
€ 12,00
€ 15,00
Baby Pila 1 e 2 conveyor
€ 3,50
Baby Gorraz conveyor
€ 3,50

Winter season periods

25/11/17 → 15/12/17
09/04/18 → 15/04/18
08/01/18 → 19/01/18
16/12/17 → 22/12/17
20/01/18 → 02/02/2018
05/03/18 → 08/04/18
23/12/17 → 07/01/18
03/02/18 → 04/03/18


Junior < 8:
born after 31/10/09
Junior < 14:
born after 31/10/03
Young < 18:
born after 31/10/99
Senior > 65:
born before 31/05/53
born after 31/10/88

Ski insurance

Ski and snowboard insurance: snowcare request it at the ticket office € 3,00 a day with your skipass.

Snowcare is the most known ski and snowboard insurance in Europe the only insurance policy for injury and third party liability (RC) for ski and snowboard that you can also buy for only one day. The Snowcare insurance takes care of yourself and protects you for damage to others.

The first aid service on the pistes is a pay for service: any intervention will have a cost of € 200,00. CHECK IF YOUR INSURANCE COVERS THE PERFORMANCE, OTHERWISE BUY THE "SNOWCARE" INSURANCE TOGETHER WITH YOUR SKIPASS


Extract from the general regulation

For facilities and free tickets, the presence of the person and an ID document are strictly required. The skiing facilities operators or company inspectors also have the right to ask for the above mentioned papers.

Facilities don’t apply to vouchers with points, nonconsecutive multi- day skipasses, single trips,Toboganning Area entrance ticket.

All ski passes, except the skipass for beginners include transport on the Aosta-Pila cableway.

Management, upon its unquestionable judgement, has the right to decide on the opening and closing hours and periods of the facilities and the pistes. Ski pass prices are independent of the number of ski lifts and ski pistes open during the period of validity of the ski pass. Season tickets entitle holders to use the facilities when open, regardless of the duration of the season. Publication of the duration of the season does not oblige management to open the ski station.

Any type of ticket is strictly personal and is not transferable

No type of ticket can be wholly or partially refunded or substituted if the buyer cannot use it for any reason, nor if the ticket is lost, destroyed, or damaged.

Customers are requested to check their ski passes the moment they collect them. They cannot be replaced nor can the duration of a used ticket be extended.

Buying a ticket implies that the buyer is aware of and accepts all the conditions set out in these rules and regulations displayed to the public at the ticket offices.

For every kind of skipass

All skipass (except single tickets) are only given on keycard against a deposit of € 5,00 which is returned when the chipcard is handed in, at the cash desk, before 5.00 pm of 15/04/18.

For multi-day skipasses

The rates for multi-day passes comprising days charged at different rates (high and low season) are calculated accor- ding to the actual number of high and low season days.