Powder snow is only a part of the whole experience!

Snowboarding in Pila

Freeriders who have the freedom in their heads and legs and who want to do everything they can imagine with the table, Pila offers the widest range of ski slopes, groomed or natural, mogul or smooth, in addition to exciting off-piste skiing in the forest. When the first colds of winter give off a new snowy mantle, it takes the urge for freedom and adventure enclosed in the heart of the snowboarder!

Snow and Snowboard - Fun and Safety

In Pila, those who love snowboarding are safe

Don’t forget your camera! You will be able to shoot your snowboard track on the immaculate snow cover: powder ski is extremely exciting. Even if you are crazy about off piste skiing, always remember avalanche risk: don’t cut across a snowy slope bare of trees or above timberline, check the weather forecast and keep an ARVA (Appareil Recherche Victimes Avalanches) on you. Alternatively, you can choose to be accompained by a ski instructor or a mountain guide.

Snowboard and Freestyle

Snowboard and Snowpark in Pila there is AreaEffe

If the passion for snowboarding transcends the pleasure of surfing on an immaculate snowy mantle and becomes a stylistic challenge to yourself, this is why Pila is the right place for you. Areaeffe is the station’s snowpark, the first born in Valle d’Aosta, at 2200m, served by the quadruple chairlift Grimod. Here kicks, rails box etc … test the most intense snowboarders and snow is a raw material groomed daily for perfect maintenance.