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Visit to find out all the benefits of a single ski pass valid in all the Aosta Valley ski resorts.
For information about the Aosta Valley Skipass regulations visit this page
For more information on reductions and offers of consecutive multi-day ski passes in Valle d’Aosta visit this page

The “Teleskipass” service gives you direct access to all ski-lifts of any Aosta Valley ski area, so there is no more need for you to pass through cash desks beforehand to purchase a selected ski pass and download it onto your ski badge. At the end of the skiing day, the credit card of any service user will be automatically debited with the amount due relating to the ski resort concerned, the pass type used (one- or half-day ski pass) and the pass rate the skier is actually entitled to (youth, adult or senior ski pass)

Types of skipasses that can be used with the teleskipass service:


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