Just a few rules for the tranquility of everyone

Choosing Pila means skiing in an area where safety is present all around.

In fact, the resort boasts numerous services which guarantee that our guests can ski in all tranquillity:

  • an efficient rescue team constantly patrol the pistes;
  • a traumatological centre within the resort immediately reachable when necessary;
  • contact with the Regional Operative Centre;
  • possibility to reach Aosta hospital within few minutes by helicopter.

NB: The pistes can be used from opening time of the lifts until 15 minutes after closing time.


The rescue service on the tracks of Pila is a fee for this intervention and will be charged the amount of 200.00 euros to cover part of the costs of rescue. The interaction of specialized personnel or the use of a helicopter belonging to the Aosta Valley Alpine Rescue Service will be charged accordingly. Relative information is displayed at the ticket office.

Check if your insurance covers the provision of aid on the slopes, or buy it at the cash-desk with your ski pass or directly online.

General rules of behaviour that must be complied with by the users of ski pistes, with the aim – among others – of avoiding consequences under civil and criminal law.

  • Respect for others: every skier must behave in a way that does not pose risk of injury to anyone else or damage to property.
  • Mastery of speed: every skier must keep his or her speed constantly under control and behave in a way suited to his or her skill, all general conditions, and the weather.
  • Choosing direction: the skier uphill, in a dominant position for the choice of the path of descent, must maintain a direction that avoids risk of colliding with skiers downhill.
  • Route and right of way: a skier has to pay attention to other skiers’ course, even considering skiing equipment: skis, snowboard, telemark skis, carving skis. Skier must give way to operating tracks and first aid machines.
  • Overtake: a skier may overtake another skier above or below and to the right or to the left provided that he leaves enough space for the overtaken skier to make any voluntary or involuntary movement.
  • Minimum space required for passing at the edge of the ski slope: skiers are urged never to curve to the outermost edge of the ski slope and to always leave sufficient space for others to pass them.
  • Entering or crossing: skiers entering a ski slope or crossing a school field must make sure to be able to do so without posing risk to themselves or others by first looking uphill and downhill. The same precautions must also be taken before starting to ski again after pausing.
  • Stopping on the piste: when a skier needs to stop, he must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or where visibility is restricted.
  • Walking on the slopes: it is forbidden to walk through the slopes. If necessary, skiers must walk on the side of the piste. Slopes’ responsible can authorize skiers walk on the piste, but only on its side.
  • Respect of rules: skiers must respect all signs and marks. It is compulsory for all children under the age of 18 to wear a certified helmet (except skiers with a ski pass bought abroad).
  • In case of accident: everyone is required to provide assistance in case of accident.
  • Identification: anyone who is involved in an accident or is a witness to one is required to provide identification.

Violation of these rules may result in administrative sanction involving the payment of an amount of money (€ 50,00 – € 300,00).
Surveillance Authority is managed by police force and county police (L.R. 24/2007).

Further rules of behaviour are fixed by National Law (363-2003), by Regional Law (2-1992 and 27/2004) and by Regional guideline (2-1996).

We hereby ask you to accept your responsibilities and to ski carefully, keeping a check on your speed.