MTB rental rules and conditions

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  1. The customer is responsible for the rented material.
  2. The rental rate includes the provision of the vehicle correctly adjusted in its technical equipment, the tuning and final cleaning of the vehicle.
  3. Personal protections (helmet, harness, knee and elbow pads) are available upon payment of an additional amount.
  4. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the customer must check that the bicycle is fully functional and free from defects in mechanical parts that affect or limit its use.
  5. The customer is required to provide an identity document which will be returned at the end of the rental.
  6. The customer undertakes to keep, under his own responsibility, the vehicle and eventual protections and to return them, at the end of the rental, in the same conditions in which they were delivered. The verification of the existence of any damage will be made at the sole discretion of a company employee at the end of the rental;
  7. In case of damage to the rented material due to inappropriate use, vandalism and / or accidental damage, the cost of repair and / or replacement will be fully charged to the customer.
  8. By means of a regulatory agreement, the activation of which is optional by adding the value shown in the table below to the cost of the rental of the vehicle, in the event of damage to the vehicle, only the amounts exceeding the limit indicated below will be charged to the customer.

    Economic conditions regulatory agreement

    Activation cost:
    € 15,00

    € 1.500,00

  9. In case of theft or loss of the rented vehicle, the value of the vehicle will be charged to the customer in the amount of 50% of the list price.
  10. In the event of theft of the rented vehicle, the customer is required in any case to immediately file a complaint with the competent law enforcement agencies.
  11. The return of the rented vehicle must take place by 17:30 (13:00 for the early morning rental). For deliveries after the indicated time, the maximum daily rate will be charged for half a day or an additional day for the whole day.
  12. If the rented material does not, for any reason, return to the company Pila S.p.A. within the established period, a report of theft will be automatically exposed after the expiry of the third day from the date established for the return.
  13. In the event of failure to collect the bicycle or early termination of the rental contract, by returning the rented material, no refund will be granted.
  14. The customer is responsible for respecting the signs on the routes, pedestrian traffic and other means of transport, the rules of the road as well as the regulations for access and use of marked MTB tracks.
  15. The customer declares to have read these regulations and to unconditionally accept the conditions contained therein, as well as to know the sporting rules for the use of equipment and for riding along the tracks and roads he intends to travel.
  16. The customer indemnifies the company Pila S.p.A. from any liability for any damage, including to third parties, that may occur during the rental period of the bicycle itself;
  17. All legal acts are subject to national law, even if the costumer has its headquarters abroad.
  18. With the online purchase, the rental agreement is valid for all purposes under the conditions indicated in these regulations.
  19. With the online purchase, the customer is obliged to deposit an identity document when collecting the rented material.