travel time : 02h55m
track number : 22
track difficulty : EE A

Opened in August 2003, the Panorama equipped trail takes full advantage of Pila’s most important asset: the immense panoramic views from its ridges. Thanks to the strategic position of the resort, at the centre of Aosta Valley, this panorama extends as far as all four thousand of the Western Alpine peaks, from Mont Blanc to Grand Combin, from Gran Paradiso to the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa.It follows the ridges around Pila valley, passing from Platta de Grevon to Pointe Chasèche, Pointe Valletta, Mont Belleface and Tête Noire, then descending to Col de Chamolé, and on to Lake Chamolé. The route completes a circle in this way, making it possible to enjoy breathtaking views across the entire Aosta Valley.The more exposed sections of the trail have been equipped with wires, steps and hand rails to make them safer and easier to cross. The possibility of using the Pila chair lifts, which remain in operation throughout the summer period, enable walkers to reach higher altitude without difficulty.The equipped trail also makes it possible for those who are not skilled mountain climbers to enjoy the experience of high altitude. The new Panorama trail is set to become one of the classic routes for Aosta Valley trekkers, thanks to its athletic features and its scenery. It is strongly advised that those who are less expert and children should seek the company of an Alpine guide.
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