travel time : 03h30m
track number : 16
track difficulty : EE A


The Monte Emilius via Ferrata is temporarily closed for extraordinary maintenance works

The via ferrata of Monte Emilius starts at the Federigo Camp, an unguarded shelter equipped with 9 beds (water available in the nearby little lake), located at Col Carrel (2,906 m) between Becca di Nona and Monte Emilius.
The route to reach the Camp starts at the arrival station of the Chamolé chair-lift (2,309 m) and, after a short downslope, it goes through the Chamolé mountain pasture, Colle Plan Fenêtre and Alpe Comboé. For anyone wishing to spend the night in a more comfortable structure, the shelter can also be reached following the slope starting from the Arbolle refuge (2,496 m, offering restaurant service from the end of June until mid September, equipped with 66 beds and a winter area with 18 beds).
From the Federigo camp, follow the green signs and start climbing up along a stony ground, keep to the left at the beginning (north side) and then reach the ridge where the via ferrata starts.
The track starts amid some rocks on the left side of the ridge and reaches the top, where there is a protruding rocky turret, linked to the following peak by a spectacular Tibetan bridge.
The via ferrata continues along a vertical rock track and reaches Mont Ross de Comboé (3,285 m), located at the western side of Monte Emilius.
At the beginning, you will be fascinated by the imposing and dark north side of Monte Emilius, while now you will have the whole of Aosta Valley and its mountains in full view, in the pleasant sunlight: the Gran Paradiso chain and Grivola to the south, Rutor and the whole Mont Blanc massif to the west, Gran Combin and the Alpine ridge of Valpelline to the north and Matterhorn, the Swiss Alps and Monte Rosa to the east.
This gorgeous landscape will follow you until you reach the top.
The via ferrata continues along the ridge, going from west to east following a long, almost horizontal trail, up to a sign indicating a possible downslope to the right (south side). This downslope follows a trail, which is not always visible, and reaches Lago Gelato (2,955 m), along a comfortable track going down to the Arbolle refuge (normal route of Emilius). Such a downslope represents an alternative for anyone wishing to abandon the via ferrata which reaches Piccolo Monte Emilius (3,342 m) and goes up the rugged and steep ridge, which you can overcome on the right, by following some huge red and compact rocky steps.
If you keep to the south side, you reach a gap where the rock is lighter in colour and slightly more friable. You will have to take some careful steps and continue up a rocky slope until you come to the side where the equipped route ends. From there, you will reach the top (3,559 m) in about ten minutes.
On the way down, follow the clearly indicated path along the normal route (south ridge) leading to Colle dei tre Cappuccini (3,222 m), where you need to be careful along a short exposed track.
Follow the signs and keep to the right, going down the Arbolle deep valley, past Lago Gelato, up to the Arbolle refuge and, from there, you will reach the arrival station of the Chamolé chair-lift, after walking up the small Col Chamolé (2,641 m) along a comfortable path.
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