15th stage of the Les Fleur / Pila Mountain Grand Prix

22 May 2022

15th stage of the “Giro d’Italia”

Rivarolo Canavese – Cogne

Aosta Valley Alpine stage. The first part is entirely between Canavese and the Dora Baltea valley up to the gates of Aosta where three long climbs Pila, Verrogne and the final ascent to Cogne are linked. All three are over 10km on wide roads and in good condition interspersed with numerous hairpin bends. Structurally similar descents with sections suitable for reaching high speeds.
Final climb of over 22 km with the first challenging part which then turns into a very long slight slope until the finish.

On the occasion of the passage of the Giro d’Italia in Les Fleurs,

Sunday 22 May 2022 the Aosta Pila cablecar will be in operation with continuous opening hours from 9.00 to 17.30 to allow spectators to reach the race course. The tour will pass in the hamlet of Les Fleurs at approximately 14.56 / 15.14, and then descend back to Gressan towards Aosta.


Pila Bike Park and the Pila-Aosta tracks are closed for maintenance with the presence of work vehicles along the routes and therefore not passable. We are working on the tracks to prepare them for the June 25th opening.