Pila Bikeland ... a 2-wheeled kingdom!!

It is a kingdom that lasts a summer's time even if its passion is cultivated all year round.

Riding a mountain bike to dance and fly down headlong into woods and meadows, experiencing a timeless but speedy adventure. Harnesses with anti-crash padding and a helmet, modern bikers look like ancient riders hoisted on their two-wheeled steeds, all technology and wide tires. At Pila, enthusiasts have access to a vast area suitable for every level of ability and structured on routes of varying difficulty. For this reason, defining “Bikeland” Pila’s summer offer compared to mountain biking is not at all exaggerated: Pila was, in fact, among the first ski areas in the Alps to equip itself with facilities for MTB practice since the 1990s and hosted many international events.

Learn all about Pila Bikeland:


Pila boasts 16 Downhill routes that make up a great bike stadium for experienced bikers …


Traced on a predominantly natural terrain, the freeride tracks are available within the bike stadium as well as the beautiful Pila – Aosta track and the Desarpa Bike track.

Cross country

Pila’s network of farm roads is vast and satisfies everyone, from aspiring champions to families ….

MTB rental

Located at the departure of the Chamolé chairlift, the MTB rental guarantees availability of bikes and assistance.