1st edition for the Handicraft Fair in Pila

15 August 2022 at 09:30

Lo Martchà di Bouque

1st edition for the Handicraft Fair in Pila

An extraordinary and unforgettable experience, “Lo Marchà di Bouque” in its first edition, was created to celebrate the creativity and industriousness of the mountain people: a popular event in which the true nature of identity is shown before objects.

A craft market where you can admire carved wooden artifacts, sculptures, vannerie, furniture and much more. But not only. In the small square of Pila 2000, you can also admire the artisans at work in open-air workshops. Lo Marchà di Bouque will be an excellent opportunity to buy quality objects and souvenirs resulting from traditions that have centuries-old roots, but also to “breathe” a unique atmosphere.

The market exhibition will be held in Pila at 1800mt in the piazzetta del Pila 2000 from 9.30 to 18.30.

The exhibition area can be easily reached on foot in 5 minutes from the arrival of the Aostra – Pila cable car.