Eco Day & Clean Up Tour

We give back to Pila its natural beauty

24 June 2023 at 09:00

Eco day in partnership with Clean-up Tour Italia

To raise awareness among skiers and hikers on the problem of waste in the mountains and to help clean up ski slopes and trails, in collaboration with Summit Foundation which launches the Clean-Up Tour 2023, which will include some initiatives aimed at involving lovers of mountain in garbage collection. An ecological day to clean up the mountain pastures and paths from plastic and paper residues, protect the animals, insects and plants that live here and make our landscapes even more beautiful. A wonderful opportunity to protect our mountains and teach children how the contribution of each of us is fundamental and can make a difference.

From today the lifts that will take you to the top, closer to your passions, will also reopen!

In collaboration with the Summit Foundation which is launching the Clean-Up Tour 2023. The volunteers will go on foot and with the lifts to the various areas, also at high altitudes to collect rubbish and other materials that they will find along the way. All participants will be offered lunch at 13, in collaboration with Proloco di Gressan.

Starter Pack provided by Summit Foundation: gloves, bags, pliers and gadgets.

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Meeting point at 9.30 in Pila at the picnic area at the arrival of the cable car.




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