Aosta Valley: Safe Hospitality and Relaxation

The Aosta Valley, today, remains a safe destination for tourists.

28 February 2020

The region’s health monitoring activities of the COVID-19 virus outbreak are continuous, with constant updates about the situation. The Regional Health Agency is committed to transparency and is well organized to handle any cases of transmission. It should be noted that the Aosta Valley promptly created a Crisis Response Team, coordinated by the Regional Civil Protection Agency, to handle any issues associated with the COVID-19 virus outbreak. All of the region’s health facilities are being monitored, and a dedicated area has been set up for triage of patients who come to the Ospedale Umberto Parini’s Emergency Department in Aosta.

All tourist facilities and lifts in the ski areas are open, as well as, hotels, restaurants, and tourist services. The wide snow-covered slopes and the breathtaking vistas of our valleys are an invitation to the outdoor activities, although you can also visit our museums, castles and exhibitions. The snow conditions are excellent, and the skiing season has been without incident.

The large snowy spaces and the breathtaking views of our valleys invite to outdoor activities but museums, castles and exhibitions can also be visited.

The snow conditions are optimal and the ski season continues without any kind of criticality and the events in the program found almost total confirmation, first of all the Women’s Ski World Cup at Thuile. The races are set for limited public access, but fans will be able to follow Super-G and Combined on the spot which will be held on Saturday 29 and Sunday 1 March on the “3 Franco Berthod” track. Access to the finish area will be reserved only to spectators with a stand entrance ticket. The awards of the two races will take place directly on the competition field.

Arrivals and departures

If you are planning on coming to the Aosta Valley, we can confirm that there are NO travel restrictions for arriving into or leaving the Aosta Valley. All cross-border traffic is normal. In the Aosta Valley, there are NO interruptions or cancellations of public transportation.

Updated information

A toll-free number 800122121 is being managed by the Crisis Response Team to provide all information NOT related to health, but to the prevention and control activities being carried out and coordinated. Call 112 to report any flu-like symptoms or breathing problems and for all health-related information.

The Aosta Valley’s Health Agency is constantly monitoring the situation to prevent the transmission of and to isolate any cases of the infection, should they occur.

The official press releases are available at this page


The Aosta Valley is NOT considered to be an area “at risk,” therefore, should you consider cancelling your holiday trip, please consider that the cancellation terms and conditions set forth by your accommodation facility will be applicable. In general, “force majeure” as a reason for cancellation is only applicable to individuals that live in the Regions that include areas that have been designated as “red zones” or that have been classified as “at risk,” due to contact with individuals that have resulted in positive COVID-19 tests.